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  • Anders quote

    Evidence shows that reaching out to mothers and fathers will lead to more children being immunised.

    Dr Anders Nordström,
    Ambassador for Global Health, Sweden

  • Berkley quote

    Our market-shaping goal is to maintain supply security and strive to achieve the lowest price for currently available products.

    Dr Seth Berkley,
    CEO, GAVI Alliance

  • Bloom quote

    …population health is a fundamental cornerstone of a vibrant economy… Health can move the economic meter very far and very fast.

    Dr David E Bloom,
    Professor of Economics and Demography, Harvard School of Public Health

  • Cameron quote

    …GAVI is quite simply a great organisation. It was set up by people who wanted to do aid in a different way. It doesn’t just save lives for the here and now but gives those countries and economies the ability to grow and succeed…

    David Cameron,
    Prime Minister, United Kingdom

  • Carlo quote

    GAVI is a powerful innovative public-private partnership. Its innovative finance instruments provide significant additional, predictable and sustainable funding for immunisation and allow it to achieve impressive results.

    Carlo Monticelli,
    Director General, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

  • Chaka quote

    We must work together to build healthy communities – healthy men, healthy women, healthy babies, healthy children. When we have healthy communities, we can have healthy economic development.

    Yvonne Chaka Chaka,
    singer and humanitarian activist, South Africa

  • Dagfinn quote

    There is no cause more powerful than ensuring that all girls and boys, wherever they live, have access to life-saving vaccines.

    Dagfinn Høybråten,
    Chair of the GAVI Alliance Board

  • Dalil quote

    During very active conflict and fighting in Afghanistan, one of the few life-saving services provided to children was immunisation.

    Dr Suraya Dalil,
    Health Minister, Afghanistan

  • Daw quote

    So much has changed since I delivered my first vaccine. These days, the government uses every form of communication to mobilise the nation.

    Daw Aye Mya,
    midwife, Myanmar

  • Elias quote

    The challenge is that the fifth child isn’t standing next to the other four.

    Dr Chris Elias,
    President of the Global Development Program, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Ellen quote

    We must all continue to call on all African heads of states and governments to invest in immunisation as it is one of the most cost-effective health interventions that can bring about economic development.

    HE Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,
    President, Liberia

  • Espen Quote

    Vaccination for all should be a key ingredient of the call for universal health coverage in the post-2015 MDG agenda. For GAVI, the call for states to take increased responsibility in this area will be a key message.

    Espen Barth Eide,
    Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway

  • G8 quote

    IFFIm is a catalytic success story, and one that is constantly attracting new members.

    G8 Camp David Accountability Report: Actions, Approach and Results

  • Gates quote

    Historically, rich kids get the vaccines, even though they need them the least, and it takes over 30 years before they get to the kids who need them the most.

    Bill Gates,
    Co-Chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Gotani quote

    We applaud GAVI’s commitment to make the HPV vaccine more accessible and affordable to Malawi and other low-income countries.

    Catherine Gotani Hara,
    Minister of Health, Malawi

  • Griffin quote

    GAVI takes an innovative approach to ensuring that aid dollars are spent effectively and efficiently.

    Alan Griffin,
    Member of Parliament, Australia

  • Gupta quote

    Immunisation needs equity, just as much as equity needs immunisation.

    Geeta Rao Gupta,
    Deputy Executive Director, UNICEF and Vice Chair of the GAVI Alliance Board

  • Hinman quote

    Eradication of vaccine-preventable diseases is the ultimate equity – no one has to suffer from the disease anymore.

    Dr Alan Hinman,
    CSO representative, GAVI Board

  • Hussein quote

    Thanks to the support of the GAVI Alliance, we can provide our children with the same vaccines as those given to children in the industrialised world.

    Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi,
    Minister for Health and Social Welfare, Tanzania

  • Jakaya quote

    GAVI has empowered us to introduce new vaccines that would otherwise not be affordable.

    HE Jakaya Kikwete,
    President, Tanzania

  • Kaseba quote

    Too many girls are robbed of their future by [cervical] cancer. I am personally committed to do what it takes to ensure that girls have access to HPV vaccines.

    HE Christine Kaseba,
    First Lady of Zambia

  • Mohamed quote

    I know the importance of vaccination. All of my children have been immunised.

    Mohamed Khamis, father, Zanzibar

  • Reef quote

    GAVI’s support for rubella is a game changer in the control of a disease that causes serious, life-long disabilities in infants.

    Dr Susan Reef,
    Medical Epidemiologist, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA

  • Seth quote

    Our job will not be complete until every boy and every girl in the developing world can be confidently called ‘a fully immunised child’.

    Seth Berkley, MD,
    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the GAVI Alliance

  • Taur quote

    All parents should bring their children who are below one year old to the clinic for their complete immunisation… It is our responsibility as parents to safeguard the health of our children.

    HE Taur Matan Ruak,
    President, Timor-Leste

  • Ursula quote

    The GAVI Alliance very much defines the state of the art in health partnerships and development cooperation, so just keep going.

    Ursula Müller,
    Director-General, BMZ, the German development agency

  • Weber quote

    GAVI is the toughest buyer we deal with, when the price is fixed for GAVI you can be assured that there is nothing extra left.

    Christophe Weber,
    President and General Manager, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines

  • Yadav quote

    Reduced transaction costs for manufacturers and lower uncertainty in the market – this will not only be beneficial to manufacturers, but also to country programmes.

    Dr Prashant Yadav,
    Senior Research Fellow & Director of Health Care Research Initiative, University of Michigan, USA

  • Yamada quote

    Vaccines represent the finest example of partnerships between the private sector and public sector.

    Dr Tadataka Yamada,
    Chief Medical and Scientific Officer, Executive Vice President, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International